Friday, 7 September 2012

Download 6 Months Free Subscription for Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

Kaspersky Antivirus is a well known and popular antivirus program for full PC protection. Here is a chance to get 6 months / 180 days free subscription of this antivirus program (100% legal license) for protection from virus, worms, backdoor, Trojan. As per the promotion of this antivirus, Kaspersky company is promoting this software thru Malaysian IT Fair Facebook page from where you can download the free subscription licensed copy. Offer is available for first 5,000 fans and till now the number has reached to 2,800 only. So still there is a chance for 2,200 more fans to get the free subscription.  But as the facebook fan page for IT fair is secured only for Malaysian people, you can’t just go and access the page. If you are living outside Malaysian, then you will have to follow the below steps to get the free subscription copy of Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 for 6 months.

To access the Malaysian IT Fair FB page, you can use Proxy Server for Malaysia and from there you can open the FB page. Read this “how to setup proxy server” article to understand the proxy server setup process that you need to follow for your Internet connection before getting the free copy of Kaspersky Antivirus. You can get the latest Proxy Server information from the pages mentioned below,
Once you setup the proxy server, you can access the Malaysia IT Fair Facebook page. You just need to “Like” that page to get the 6 months license for this antivirus program. You also need to enter your name, email etc. before submitting the form available on that page to get the license in your inbox. Once you will complete that process, you will get the 6 months ( 180 days ) free subscription of Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 to use on your computer for full virus, worms, backdoor, Trojan protection.

Download Rising Antivirus 2011 and Firewall 2011 free subscription for 180 days ( 6 Months )

Antivirus and Firewall programs are compulsory for PCs connected to Internet. Get a 6 months ( 180 days ) free subscription of Rising Antivirus 2011 and Rising Firewall 2011 for free and protect your computer from viruses, Trojan, malware etc. Thru Firewall, you can protect your computer data from unauthorized programs and applications running on your computer. On your windows PC, you can try Microsoft Software Essential Security at any point of time or you may also download Norton Antivirus free subscription.
Rising Antivirus 2011 is a popular antivirus in industry. It provides full security from Trojan and also protects web browsers installed on your pc.Removable disk like USB pen drive protection is also available in this antivirus program where it automatically detects any Trojan, Worm, Backdoor or any other malicious viruses, and protect your computer from them.

Firewall 2011 by Rising is there to monitor your running applications. Features like URL filtering, Intrusion detection, Outbound attack interception etc. makes this firewall program a complete solution for safe browsing. For Internet browsing security, you may try free subscription of Norton Internet Security 2011.
Anyway, here is the download links for Rising Antivirus 2011 and Rising Firewall 2011 applications.
Download Rising Antivirus 2011 link
Download Rising Firewall 2011 link
System Requirement – OS : Microsoft 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008
CPU: 1 GHz, System Memory : 512 MB, Graphic Card: Standard VGA, Mouse and CD-ROM

Turn Windows 7 Notebooks into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Windows 7 is having a Wireless Hosted Network (virtual wifi) capability and that feature is still there in the operating system but was not highlighted much. Earlier we shared the tool named “Connectify” to turn Windows 7 notebooks into a virtual wifi hot spot to share Internet connection with other devices. Now here is another free tool for the same purpose.
Virtual Router Manager is a tool to turn Windows 7 computers into a wifi hot spot so that you can share the Internet connection of your PC with other devices like iPad, iPhone,Android Phones, WiFi enabled digital camera, printers and other laptops and desktops. You can convert Windows 7 desktops into wifi hotspot as well if you are having a wifi router with you.

As you can see on above screenshot, you just need to setup the Internet connection on your Windows 7 computer and then share that connection with other devices by selecting the Internet connection network from the dropdown. You can secured the wifi network with network ID and password. Virtual Router uses WPA2 encryption so you can trust the security of the network while surfing the web thru other connected devices like iPad or other Smartphones.
Note: Like Connectify, Virtual Router Manager doesn’t work on Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 Starter Edition. Other than Starter, it works on all Windows 7 editions.

Open Source Free Video Editor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful video editor for your computer running Ubuntu, Windows or Mac, here is a free open source video editor. YouTube is having a native editorbut for local editing, we need a video editor. In video editing tasks, you need to merge files or sometimes you need to handle so many video formats. Depending on the requirement, you may need to create DVD from AVI files or Merge MP4 or MPEG formats and so on.
Avidemux is a free open source video editing tool available for Windows, Linux including Ubuntu distribution and Mac OS. It supports AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4, ASF file types and many more. Features like filtering video and audio file is there in Avidemux. It also uses so many codecs to encode or decode video and audio files.


Go to Avidemux
Basic features for editing video files are available in this application. Cropping and Resizing a video or audio file is much easier with this free video editing tool. Try the same and share your thoughts.

Portable Email Client to Check Emails Anywhere, Carry Inbox in USB Pen Drive

Webmail services like Gmail is there to check emails from anywhere, but if you want to have your email ID on own domain and don’t want to use Google Apps like service, then you can carry your emails thru portable email clients. Normally we use Microsoft Outlook on our Windows PC to check emails or send or forward one. But thru portable email client, you can check emails by just inserting a pen drive to a new machine anywhere in the world and let your client download the new messages.

In today’s world of smartphones, we carry our emails with us thru awesome apps available on Android as well as iPhone or BlackBerry phones. But in case you are looking for portable email client, then you may try nPOPuk, which is a very small and easy to use email client for portable devices like flash drive.
You just need to install this small application on your pen drive, and then you can launch the same from there. After the installation, you need to configure the application by adding your email ID and POP settings to receive and send messages.


Other portable email clients are Reach-a-mail and Mozilla Thunderbird Portable App for USB pen drives. In some cases, web service providers doesn’t provide web mail service, then you can use such portable email clients to get your emails anywhere.

5 Free Tools to Edit ID3 Tag of MP3 Files on Windows, Linux and Mac

Sometimes we find that mp3 songs in a newly purchased CD or DVD are not having proper names like Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, Title etc. in the display of music system or mobile phone. Actually the ID3 tag of those MP3 files are not correct and that’s why you see those irregular or unorganized names and details. There are free tools for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems to edit those ID3 tags of mp3 files so that they will have proper names, title, album detail, Singer details etc. information about that song. Some tools can edit tags of songs stored in Amazon like online portals. Here is a list of tools for this purpose.
MP3 songs ID3 Tagging Tools for Free

To edit the ID3 tag of Mp3 songs, you just need to install any of these small software on your computer and run the installed program. Now select the songs or locate the folder where those original songs are located and then run the edit ID3 tag program for those songs. As program can’t write on CD and DVD, so you will have to copy those songs on the hard disk and then locate the folder from hard disk to edit those tags for songs.
1. Mp3Tag
 – It can also rename the files as per the new tags. That means, now your files will also have proper names and that will help you in browsing those sings and finding one. It works on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003.
2. Foobar200 – It is an audio player for Windows operating system. But it is also having option to edit the ID3 tags of MP3 files.
3. ID3 – TagIT – It is a discontinued program for editing the ID3 tag of MP3 files but still it works on Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista etc.
4. TagScanner – Another program to edit, organize and manage your music collection. Apart from local stored songs, you can edit tags of online databases like freedb or Amazon. Supports ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia and MP4(iTunes).
5. EasyTAG – This is another popular tag editing software for Windows and Linuxcomputers. It can edit tags for MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey’s Audio and WavPack files.
Mac users can install MusicBrainz Picard which is a free tool for editing ID3 tags of songs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Mac users can also try TuneUp software which is a paid application for this purpose.
Once you will edit the tags of mp3 songs, you will definitely see change in your music collection library. That will look more organized, structures and easy to access. Let us know which is your favorite ID3 tagger for your music collection.

4 Premium VPN Services to Surf Internet Anonymously

Earlier we shared free VPN services to access restricted sites in USA or outside USA. If you feel that your usage of VPN services are more and you want good bandwidth and support, then you may try paid or premium VPN services. In case of premium services, you will get live support, more speed and security, no advertisements etc. There are some popular premium VPN services to surf Internet anonymously by protecting your privacy online. These VPN services changes your IP address for anonymous browsing and let you access sites thru their proxy servers. That way, you can access restricted sites like Hulu outside US or you can use secure servers to access data.

Here are some of the premium VPN services to access web without revealing your privacy.
1. 12VPN – They are having servers in Chicago, Frankfurt, Fremont, London, Los Angeles, Newark and San Jose for providing smooth VPN access. You can browse blocked websites of USA, UK, China and many more countries. 12VPN is also available for iPhone, Android, iPad like smartphones and devices. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well. Pricing of 12VPN starts from $35/year, you may get some discount in festive seasons.
2. StrongVPN – It is another paid VPN service to provide packages for USA, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Asia, China, Brazil, Middle East, Australia, South America, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and more. You can access sites like YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN etc. from your country even if these sites are blocked. Pricing of StrongVPN starts at $55 per year.
3. HideMyAss – Here you can try the free proxy server access by typing the URL of the website you want to access. Here as well you can access sites from USA, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Asia, China, Brazil, Middle East, Australia, South America, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and many more countries. Pricing starts at $78.66 per year. They are also having monthly payment option with pricing of $11.52 per month.
4. AceVPN – They are having servers in USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Canada etc. Anonymous, private and secured connection are ready to serve here as well. Pricing starts at $55 per year.
There are lot many other premium VPN services available on web for surfing Internet by maintaining privacy and security. If you are using any premium VPN services, then do share your location and the service provider name thru comment section.